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Let the Canisius College librarians guide you to the most helpful resources in your subject area. The guides we have created have been designed to point you in the right direction for finding and better understanding the sources of information in your subject area and may help you in your quest for information literacy. Remember, not everyone can go it alone and we are here to help you, please contact us at 716-888-8411 if you have any questions.

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Hate not knowing how to find the book or DVD in the library?  Well, the librarians have created this helpful guide on how to search and find items within the library.

Having trouble finding the articles you need?  Maybe you need to use different search terms?  Why should you use different search terms?  Well, take a look at this guide and you will understand.


If you need to speak to a librarian, you may call 716-888-8411 or stop in at the reference desk.


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